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 Topic: "I AM"  
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a published author

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Subject:  "I AM"
Date:  Aug 09, 2007 4:30:16 pm

(Blog created on April 17th, 2007)

Today I received a copy of the short-story anthology, "Mind Trips Unlimited" and written within its pages was the first of my (hopefully) many publications to be celebrated throughout my writing career. There on page 123 is the opening lines to a story I wrote last year--"Corrido"--my tribute to those people in this world who ever pondered their significance and purpose and ever doubted the silent whispers of their soul as it pleaded with them to stand out, be different and utilize their one special gift given to them on the day of their birth. To hold a copy of that book, as ironic as this may seem, made me feel like a writer! And feeling that way today, reminded me of the very question of doubt that plagued me internally—my heart and my mind—until I somehow awoke one day to accept and realize what I already was—a writer.

I learned of Corrido’s acceptance for this anthology in January of this year(2007) and still somehow, the realization that I am indeed that which I already proclaim to the world, hit me new again as if the information was delivered in that small manila envelope with the copy of that book. I remembered how much I struggled with that small facet of identification over the years and how I, like countless others, felt as though the ability and right to dub oneself with the title—author—writer—had to be passed down in some ritualistic ceremony by some ancient monk in a brown cloak, or by a unanimous vote on the Jedi Council or perhaps by another writer, like a knight might do so for one of its scribes. It is funny how we choose to allow ourselves to believe in our own abilities, based on our right to bear a title; but silly or not, that is reality and I know the same struggle to have the courage to stand up before the masses and proclaim myself what I already chose to believe in my heart, applies and holds true for many others like me. It was not easy…but the sense of power and control in my own life heightened the day I chose to accept that which I already was.

I say the best time to introduce oneself as a writer or a painter or a sculptor or a singer—or anything else for that matter—is not when an organization or group of professionals or other member of the class in which you would love to partake says so, but when you choose to accept the pains that come with bearing the gift and believe in your heart that you are indeed, who you are.

Faith in oneself is one of the most important aspects to success. I say you should never measure your life by what others judge or say or by any stipulations people might put on you, but rather by what you see and feel and believe within yourself. If you cast aside foolish ambitions of wealth and riches, and instead choose first to be wealthy in blessings that come by way of giving back to the world, that which was given to you at birth, I believe you will feel a power that cannot be measured on bank statements and financial reports. You will earn by right of passage the confidence to believe that anything is possible and in doing so, your light will shine as a guiding beacon for others…others who live their lives day-by-day without ever considering Hope and all its glory.

Yes, it felt good today to see my first work in print. And it felt so much better when I excused myself from the world, stared myself down in the mirror and allowed myself the freedom to smile. It was in that moment I reminded myself again…that I am…indeed…beyond any measure of doubt…a writer.

Bobby Ozuna
author of "Proud Souls"
"Drawing Stories...With Words"
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a published author

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Subject:  Re: "I AM"
Date:  Jan 04, 2008 7:16:33 am

Amen. I couldn't have said it better, myself.

My Best,

-= WordTickler =-
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