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 Topic: On the Topic of Online Advertising (Part 2 of Far Too Many)  
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Subject:  On the Topic of Online Advertising (Part 2 of Far Too Many)
Date:  Jun 25, 2007 10:03:30 pm

On the Topic of Online Advertising
Part 2 of Far Too Many
Copyright 2007 by Kerry Rogers

And, hey. Don't get me started about eyesores.

Okay, Fine. I'll go into it.

To me, the most important of my five senses is the ability to see. My eyes are indispensable. I believe that for me to be a good writer, I have to see. I have to soak up the words of another writer through my eyes to truly enjoy the world those words unfold. I have to "hear" the words in my own "voice". The one in my head.

I've listened to books on tape. It suffices. What's missing are the colors and smells that the voice in my head can breathe into the text as it enters my own mind. My eyes are sensitive to clutter. They're delicate instruments of interpretation. Gawdy costumes, clashing colors, ten different fonts in the same block of text, and--OH--don't let me forget to mention iSpeak (you know, "Internet Speak"). RU widme? These are all hard on the eyes.

That's why The WordTickler Libraries is so visually minimalistic, compared to other writer forums. I have to have a structured and uncluttered landscape to enjoy the words.

And that means no room for advertising.

Let me take you on a little URL journey. Join me as I list a few writers' resource sites out here on the web. Don't worry about losing your place, here. All of these links open in another tab or window, if not right here in the text. Let's do it.

1. This is a very respected site in the writing community (I'm told). I don't respect them, though. From the moment the Home Page comes up, you are assaulted with busy graphics and blocks of words surrounded by advertisements. Check it out:


And if the different sections of the screen don't confuse you, how about the advertisements? I can't really dog this site as much for advertising as layout and font/color scheme--oh, wait... yes I can. As of this moment, as I write this article, I count 34 advertisements on the page. Following links varies that number from 28 to 44 advertisements on each screen. In fact, there are some links that require you to navigate more than one screen before you get to the content that was originally advertised. That's running up the tally of advertisements this site can feed you in a big way.

So tell me: do you believe the above site is "the online community for writers and readers of all interests and skill levels", as they purport to be? How can anyone get any writing done there. Just finding an article you posted, in an effort to review any comments, is a nightmare of advertising navigation.

The above site would be a good example of why I will not tolerate advertising on this site. To the above site, it's obviously about the money. At The WordTickler Libraries, it's about the words.

2. Here's another one for you. One of the big boys. We read top to bottom. What are the odds there'll be an advertisement at the top? Take a gander:


They're not stupid. They're monetizing. Baby needs a new pair of shoes, right?

But let me ask you. For such a popular site (I'm told), how easy is it to get around? Here's a challenge. Go back up and look at that site, again. What is the traditional nexus for writers on any writing site? The forums, right? That's where we write, get comments and learn our craft. Answer this: So where are the forums? Can you find them? They do have them. It's just not easy to find them.

3. Some writers' resource web sites actually make an aesthetic effort at eye-pleasing themes. It just gets tainted by the splash of advertisements. But "smart" sites keep their advertising hidden until you join. No sense in scaring away potential members, now, is there? Take a look at this one:


Had you joined, you would see 19 advertisements on this page. Did the "prettiness" distract you?

4. So let's take a look at this site--The WordTickler Libraries. Not the forum area. The site:


What constitutes 90% (or more) of this site?
That's what.

It's all about words--not pimping our valuable eyes out to the first advertising John on the street. Words. Even the navigational secondary menu, off to the left, is hidden from initial view. Hover your mouse over the vertical bar at the left of the screen and you'll see it flash. Click it and you have your secondary navigational system. Your "sub level" navigation, if you will. Click it again and it tucks away, giving your visual real estate back to your weary eyes.

Visual real estate is what advertisers want most. We surf the Internet, daily, not even noticing how much they've taken from us. Let's keep that ever on our minds.

My Best,

-= WordTickler =-
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